Expressive Art Sessions

“Art is a wound turned into light.” - Georges Braque

For Sydney, growing and healing has been fueled by self-reflection and self-creation. The objective with expressive art is to help you with both, via art making, writing, creative expression, and meditation or holistic integration of these modalities. Art and creative expression nourish our sensory, cognitive, emotional, and motor functioning, which are the driving forces behind all other learning. Using the creative process as an outlet and an access point for reaching new perspectives of self, relationships, and the world around us can have a profound impact on how we experience life.

The positive effects of expressive art are limitless but some of the practical outcomes consist of: stress relief, an emotional release, the learning of new skills, fresh perspectives, increasing confidence & self-esteem, developing a body of work, and exploring parts of the self we didn’t know we had and getting clear on what we truly desire.

The Process

You will be guided through the process, however collaboration will assist in developing a custom plan designed to meet your individualized goals and needs. Various mediums are available for exploration. Some examples include: painting (oil, acrylic, gouache, water color), collage, mixed media, mono printing and more. Private sessions are held at Unbound Collective in Newport Beach, California. Group workshops and integrative retreats are offered at Unbound Collective and other locations.

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